Insight in a woman’s mind

     I watched two more episodes of Santa Clarita Diet last night. The daughter (Abby Hammond) on the show – played by newcomer Liv Hewson – is a badass, assertive character.

     There is a scene where a comic book store owner is trying to get Abby to leave the store because her time is up. Abby drops him to floor, puts her hand around his neck, and screams: “I don’t feel like following the rules today!

     I know the feeling… Don’t get me wrong, I do follow many rules without complaint. I’m never tardy, for instance. The rules that keep life flowing neatly, I have no problem with. I’m talking about the unwritten rules.

     I found this in an online article :

     “Voice: Women are sometimes lost in the shuffle of the workplace because they do not take charge and make their voices heard in the same way that a man would. Women often fail to apply for positions that are not completely within their realm of experience, while men are more likely to take the chance. This same tendency to be tentative can result in women being overlooked when it comes to the projects they complete, the accomplishments they achieve and the role they play in the overall business of the company. Women are also likely to be offered less salary than men with the same credentials.”


     I lost my voice more in relationships than ever at work. Don’t say that – it’ll lead to a fight. Don’t disagree, don’t complain, don’t ask for help (it shows weakness), don’t be assertive EVER – you’ll come off as bitchy. That is why this show speaks to me. It’s about a mother/daughter duo finding their voice – and on that journey, there are hilarious quotes. Such as Drew Barrymore – who is a real estate agent in the show – saying to the principal, “I can ruin your Zillow Estimate!” A ridiculous way to assert yourself in middle class, professional life. Check it out!

     What unwritten rules do you follow?  I’d really love to hear what you have to say. If you feel comfortable, please leave your opinion in the comments section.

Siouxsie Beule

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