I woke up yesterday, aren’t we all on the edge of tomorrow?

Aren’t we all on the Edge of Tomorrow?

Ahh, all apologies! I needed this distraction and found Emily Blunt is the process. The many faces of gnomes are helping we to become water lilies instead of dandelions…

I first discovered the talent of Emily in the “Girl on a Train”, a tale of narcissistic abuse and redemption, the distance between a blackout and brownouts, of jealousy and hostility, of revenge. In between, the storytelling is compelling: you know every house, every neighbor, every fantasy… and you don’t even live there… Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Her portrayal of a blurry alcoholic is spot on! The revenge is delicious! You can taste the blackout, taste the pain, taste the urgency of everything, while quietly battling the gas-lighting and your suppressed voice: “You can’t talk now; but you will – it is super fucking urgent!” Trust me, you’ll love it!

“The Edge of Tomorrow” – Haven’t I been up since yesterday?

Aren’t we all on the edge of Tomorrow? Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt keep scenarios to save a war, to save their lives, to save humanity.  Something has weaponized the shit out of everything (Yeah, that’s super easy, bro!). But the twist is a groundhog day situation, where every day you are trying to win the same battle – it’s the battle of my life. Oh! and the twist ending – it rivals the “Sixth Sense”. Isn’t it fantastic when your senses lead you wrong, a portrait is revealed that you didn’t yet see? Like the purloined letter… it’s all so invisible to you! (But I digress.)

“Sicario” – ahh, the immigration problem! All the tunnels, the drug problem, the executive orders that exist that drive to your murder. So much scorched Earth, so much insanity (will this take a turn like “Blow” where you feel sorry for the nation’s biggest drug runner? Let’s find out… Emily is still spot on, unknowingly timeless.

Let’s move on… “HuntsmanWinters War” – a battle between sisters. The distance between corners is tight on this one as it both a prequel and a sequel: they found the mastery in that. The beautiful bodies, the fight against subjugation, the nostalgia of your childhood (how did they do that?) Don’t get me started on how awesome Charlize Theron is…. Emily outshines her! The rise of Chris Helmsworth… (more on that later.)

“Looper and PTSD” – the five-year engagement… Oh, no, there aren’t titles about Agatha Christie and Salmon Fishing. “Into the Woods”, “Gulliver’s Travels”, “The Young Victoria” and so much more…  Does she realize she presents herself as a basic bitch that ordered a latte at Starbucks and is quietly sipping it in the back? Quietly, she changed our minds, our future. She isn’t overexposed. Look at the wallpaper: she doesn’t see – she has connected us with stories, all the set designers have jobs, she is an inspiring make-up artists, on the perfection to beautify our existence. (It’s capitalism, bro...)

I’m trapped between the space of “Sherlock Gnomes”, “Mary Poppins Returns” (more on that later) and my fear of “A Quiet Place”.

“We all woke up yesterday. We are all on the edge of tomorrow” – how the hell did she perfect that?

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