Let’s talk about Civil Discourse!

So, I’m asking as a friend to hear me out! I want to call out the media – no matter, PizzaGate or Banned Words. I want a clarity of language, a return to civil discourse. Can you meet me half way on that? Can you listen? Yellow journalism is a term that is over a hundred years old – yellow journalism altered elections. Tabloid articles about Hilary Clinton adopting Martian babies are so ridiculous I need to invent a word for it! Misinformation, distraction, deflection and manipulation are as old as language. That is the point of this. Can we agree on that?

We need  a return to focusing on bigger issues. Global warming is the greatest threat to humanity we have ever faced. Oddly, the people of this planet can look at fossils and discuss their extinction without fully grasping that humans will go extinct one day. That one day, people we will be fossils, too. We can slow it down! There is a serious over-consumption problem in this country. Conspicuous consumption and planned obsolescence are over-saturating our landfills and pumping unnecessary amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Previous generations ended slavery, the genocide of Native Americans won the Space Race. Remember: we beat Hitler. So, no, I can’t get upset about this tweet, because first – as previously stated – I don’t consider it a lie. But at the end of the day, you are being deflected from the larger issues.

We need to work on perfecting capitalism. Having more than two parties would be a start. Remember how competition improves the product? We need to overturn Citizens United like yesterday. We need to get off our ass and figure out how to stop lobbyists, the media, and the pharmaceutical industry from doing the evil things that they do! I am not being overly dramatic, but we need to figure out how to afford a single payer system. I have the solution for that – change the american way of dying for starters. Ninety eight percent of your health care costs come in the last six months of life. It’s oppressive!

You are blaming Trump for being human (more on that later – last time I checked, the only honest person to have ever lived was Jesus – that sort of why people worshiped him – he perfected humanity). Every President that has ever lived has told a lie. As you pointed out, Obama lied, too. So instead of focusing on every lie, focus on the ones that matter. Figure out that our government has committed false flag attacks – that government overreach has attracted terrorism. Our government is obsessed with controlling other countries – a reaction to waiting too long to invade Germany and other things… We are living in the shadow of that mistake. It is uniquely human to try to control a situation and every crime that has ever been committed has been an attempt to control a situation. Everyone struggles between good and evil. All things are poisonous and nothing is poisonous, it’s the amount that matters. Pick your poison!

Oh, and we also minimized communism by saving lives and preserving freedom. I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but that’s what would Make America Great Again. Previous generations had a direct hand in stopping communist aggression, can we focus on that? The Bolshevik revolution needed to happen, their solution was the wrong poison. Lenin and Stalin alike believed in their hearts, the banning religion was a good idea – they focused on the ugly side of the economics and control of the Catholic Church. Remember indulgences? But even while fighting communism, mistakes were made. We accidentally created Osama Bin Laden, we lied, we weren’t successful in the Vietnam War. We are still living in the shadow of that – humans want to win at all costs. It dragged on far too long for this nation’s patience.  It was tedious chaos!

So can we get back to mastering radioactivity and not obsess over a tweet? Can we bring down Isis instead of having 3 a.m. twitter wars? Can we bring safety and security back to the airline industry? Think of the economic impact of that. Remember the slogan of the friendly skies? There was a reason for that. Can we, in the name of that is holy, get back to picking the right poison?

We make plastic bags, plastic pop bottles, plastic pools, plastic take out containers. We should find a way to pay politicians less and put that money into un-filling land fills and cleaning up the oceans. We have become a disposable society and will be treated as such by our actions.

I guess it’s just perplexing to be that nobody who can realize I’m trying to change the national conversation instead of arguing about tweets. We should be doing something proactive about the real issues – clearly you have never worked in the “property preservation” industry. The housing market tanked low due to so many foreclosures. Once it hit bottom, it really had no where else to go but up.  When you can “buy a house for the price of a VCR” then it becomes a buyer’s market which increases the flow of money.

Look, any product on the market has to work or else the free market would have eliminated it. I didn’t  say trickle down was perfect, all I’m saying is that it has to work to some degree, just like trickle up does to its degree. If a businessman receives a 100 G tax cut, how can you say that none of it is trickling down? He suddenly goes into a spending freeze? When he buys a yacht, how can you prove if the money came from a checking account and not his paycheck? (because I’ll need the paper trail to prove it). Corporate greed has turned to its previous state, between the decline of unions and lack of regulation that started under Reagan. When I received a tax cut of some 6 G because my daughter was in college, trickle up was working just as well. So, we have millions of Americans getting money from the government for various reasons. Even if it’s the form of a government contract to build a bridge, or it’s getting your money back in the form of an SSI check or tax refund, trickle up is working every day. Balance that against the less ten thousand people getting these tax cuts (some hyperbole here). They will both continue to stay in place.  Should the government be in charge of the supply chain?  Let’s talk about that.

 I like the spirit of what Trump is trying to do, I just don’t like the execution. If we get rid of the ridiculous amount of government waste, between $5,000 toilets to rising welfare and disability costs, there will be money for health care and schools. There shouldn’t be a ten million dollar statue anywhere, unless a benefactor wants to donate it to a park. By the same token, I want there to be more labor regulations. This right to work BS has created a panicky labor population. It’s not a pleasant way to live. I think if you can guarantee a safe stable money people that they have to earn, creativity in your off time grows, songs are written, problems solved. Look at how much was accomplished during the times that Labor Unions were in full force. The country solved so many problems from orphan trains to inventing antibiotics. That’s what I am so desperately trying to say.

Do we want to stay awake until three tweeting, or do we want to wake up and create a new political party, that finds solutions? There are certain things I like about both Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. Gary Johnson was my favorite candidate last election. He didn’t stand a chance. Decades later, there is still bad blood between the parties when their identities switched. Unfortunately, 99% of Americans is digging their feet and not even listening. Decades later, she we didn’t give Gary a chance because of Ross Perot – he accidentally accelerated the Clintons (more on that later).

We need to focus on the 2018 elections. 535 Congressmen have more impact than the one man in the White House. But if we’re all staring at squirrels, then – when 2018 comes and goes – nothing will change, nothing else matters. Could Eisenhower have developed the highway system we all enjoy? No, not with this level of obstruction. We are mice on the wheel right now, cogs in the machine. Nothing is moving forward for years at a time. We can’t do anything about the White House – but I want to realize that, when you vote for any President, you are outlining the Supreme Court. Plessy vs. Ferguson, Dread Scott Brown vs. the Board of Education, Roe vs. Wade, Citizens United, Prohibition, Obama Care vs. Trump Care – the decisions last longer than an epoch for our patience. Remember, Susan B. Anthony – you remember you know how to affect change! (more on that later.)

You really have me on a roll, now (LOL). I am very conservative on spending issues – graft and abuse. Remember Huey Long? One super liberal on labor laws. I love the idea of people not blowing $250,000 in the last six months of their lives to avoid the inevitable. I do want them to be on financial aid, but we need to create an oversight process because, right now, universities are raping America. We need a party that hasn’t been having a 150 years fight in this country. I, most definitely, will never agree with a Republican on the environment – that is a very important issue to me.

Why is the government responsible for parks, though? A better idea is to have the rich buy them. Zuckerberg can provide a park for children, Ted Nugent can provide a park for hunters. Unfortunately, we have to cull the population of many animals anyway, people inhabit inhumanity as virus. The spirit of Teddy Roosevelt’s plan was in the right place, the execution has created costs to great to bear when you have the deficit we do. We managed to avoid federal taxes until 1913. Remember: the American Revolution happened over taxation without representation. Why don’t you remember that? Why aren’t we looking at government programs that involve overreach, that apparently seem so normal it’s like knowing the color of water? Every day, in America, you can stop in Speedway and buy Mizio – it enhances your water. Why can’t we enhance our water? Because we’re too busy looking at squirrels, a metaphorical tweet.

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate, and I think I’m on a tirade.  Distraction, deflection, aversion – use what the media taught you to calm down.  Aught – that’s a great new word. Music in the 90’s – what Cobain has in common with Anastasia? How video killed the radio star? That’s next on Soap.  Distance between corners on this issue is to great to bare, it’s hard to focus still.

Look, honey, I can create an army of squirrels. You didn’t know I can weaponize DNA – this is a decidedly devious story! No, that’s what governments do. Apex predators – no, you can weaponize the shit out of that! I’m going to find balance between everybody in the house getting tipsy and severe isolation and darkness of an insomniac. I know: let me introduce you to Archimedes and Galileo‘s daughter, the insanity of measurement.

This is going to be fun…

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