The Sound of Silence

My fiancée and I have some 1950’s habits at our home. I now stay at home and make money from my side-hustles (side-hustles that need to turn into a legitimate business opportunity). I do the majority of the housework, he works two jobs. It’s been wonderful – I write new recipes everyday and make lunch and dinner (but I need to hire a dishwasher, lol). He does some house work too. He is very chivalrous (but we’ll get to that later…).

On Sunday, we apparently started a tradition new to us (but not to the “Greatest Generation”):  we took a Sunday drive through the metro parks. The parkway is long and winding… The snow has created a winter wonderland…  He points out hawks in the sky, I announce what hikes I have done. The conversation dissipates rapidly, as we just absorb the beauty of the trees! We do this the next day, too. It will be a habit! We can enjoy this season from the comfort of our car. Although the blizzard snow is fresh, the roads have been plowed and are safe. We really do take this service for granted (more on this later, too).

As I sit here thinking about those drives and all the pleasant memories I have created in a short period of time, it dawns on me: millennials don’t appreciate the sound of silence! For all of the bashing of this generation, this one is actually true. (How I feel about Millennials is in the article “My Challenge to Millennials). Sometimes, my fiancée and I sit on the couch or at the table in the kitchen without technology in this Norman Rockwell setting: there is no TV on in the distance; the cell phone is being ignored; the kitchen provides a fantastic view… (the squirrels are looking for food – well, we’ll obviously fix that!). Silence returns until I show him my squirrel meme. Or… No, it’s crows! We sincerely have a youthful sense of humor. It keeps the relationship interesting. No trauma bonding here (or is there?). Once again, it is not this generation’s fault for how they were raised. If the TV and iPad are in constant use, they didn’t learn silence from you. Were they supposed to get that in school? Not unless they have a study hall – and that gets pushed back as well. The struggle for control in study hall ….

Millennials are unaware of much of what technology we used growing up. There are the obvious items: rotary phones, VHS tapes, eight track tapes and Blockbuster. Think about all the memories you made outside playing! The excitement of a pen pal! (Anxiously awaiting a reply...) Pagers, beepers and cell phones made us instantly available for your pleasures or concerns. (I think I’m going to look for a pen pal!) Writing soothes my soul – and I want to hear what you have to say. Are you interested in using snail mail again?

I realize another major difference between the generations. I remember where I was when JFK died: I was at Dairy Queen and we all huddled around the TV. I was on my way to an interview, when I heard the news about Kurt Cobain. This generation gets its news from Facebook. Now, you innocently hop on Facebook and find out that Chris Cornell died. My children learned from Facebook that my mother died (something I’m still bitter about!). But the worst of it was that Tom Petty was Schroedinger’s cat during his final day.  The news reports were conflicting. One news channel jumped the gun and assumed he was dead. It is tragic that this happened. (It’s something I’m still bitter about! How does a member of the rock hall get this level of disrespect ? The news channels should have been speaking about his legacy, but not this! Petty is now forever silent! You didn’t digest that did you?)

I can think of a few celebrities that, when they die, it’ll feel like a national tragedy (almost, anyways). I’ll find out about some family members this way, as well. Please, make your necessary phone calls before announcing it! We won’t be able to have those TV, or water cooler moments, but we can bring some of it back. Bring back Saturday morning cartoons! (discuss that the Plain Dealer put the Cleveland Press out of business.) News needs legitimate competition. Discuss the hostages in Iran and the ridiculous panic over killer bees! I can vividly recall learning about the famine in Cambodia from Walter Conkrite. I learned a lot from him! The nation learned a lot from him! Share these memories with millennials! They’ll realize they can make the world a better place.

Now, let’s make some snow angels… Facebook friends are my pen pals… We are separated by time and space, but we are laughing out loud and reading sobering articles to together.

That’s the way it was January 16, 2018… It’s the sound of silence this chilly winter morning… Time to collect your thoughts and march into world like Alice in Wonderland!

Oh, do you know exactly why Alice in Wonderland is such a classic?

Oh, let me tell about it…!

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