Taxation is theft

Taxation is theft! Which is why I want to start a new political party, called the Articles of Confederation. It is so easy to reduce the size of the government that it’s not funny. For instance – why does the government own land, anyways? Why can’t Ted Nugent open a park for hunters and Bill Gates open a park for children? Why can’t they charge one dollar admission to the park? If a corporation needs a road built to get to their warehouse, why doesn’t the corporation pay for the road? It’s insanity! Non-profits provide GED classes and homeless shelters and so much more. We don’t need the government to pay for any of these things. Anything any American needs already exists somewhere…


All of the services the government provides can be done at the fraction of the cost – we don’t need unemployment. How about a humane exit interview where you line up a job for a person? Even if it’s delivering pizza (which I made a fortune in, that allowed to buy a house and a college degree and a vacation home). Why do we need food stamps – there is an emergency hunger center in every town – the rich are redistributing their wealth without even being asked.

If we redefine the American Way of Dying – that is to say spending a quarter of a million dollars to avoid the inevitable – hospital costs go down, insurance becomes affordable and then we don’t need to force people to buy insurance.  With less oppressive taxes, you will be able pay your hospitals.  Why do we fund “the projects” -the IRS allows you to deduct donated money. Donate your money to halfway house or a homeless shelter or a group of town homes for abused women – another voluntary redistribution of wealth.  I could go on for hours but you get the point. We need SOME government services – the military is a good example. The secret service for the President, etc. I have already started my little movement on the Articles of Confederation. TAXATION IS THEFT!!!  It is literally a way to drain the swamp in the 2018 in the mid-term elections in November.  We need to give this third party a chance.  

How did it get this way?  The hatred of the black man, the depression, the wars, etc. If Americans didn’t hate the black man they wouldn’t need to intervene on the Brown vs. Board of Education, voting rights, poll taxes, affirmative action etc.  And you’re upset about the protests, please.  If people were better at saving their money, the government wouldn’t have to provide a bail out – with less oppressive taxes, their will be money saved so there won’t be a depression – the government wouldn’t need to be involved in Social Security.  The wars will still be necessary, but if taxes are reduced soldiers would get a living wage and psychiatric help to deal with the horrors of war.  There will be homeless vet problem.

This country was founded because of taxes.  Why are we doing this now?  Isn’t this a George Orwell situation?  Remember the Boston Tea Party?  All common sense has gone out the window in this country – ALL OF IT.  I bought Christmas lights – turns out they were battery operated. WTF?  You know what these Christmas lights need – Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.  I know I’m being dramatic but it’s the true.  We have complicated the shit out of everything.  I bought a can opener so complicated that I needed to watch a you-tube video on it.

I believe people are inherently good.  We don’t need to regulate hardly anything.  With less taxes, companies won’t pollute the water.  With less taxes, companies can pay a living wage.  With less taxes, we can focus on human trafficking.  With less taxes you don’t need lobbyists.

What political candidates would you like to see run in 2018.  Libertarians are exactly like this, but all current parties have too much baggage to pull it off.  Americans are too tied from corporate slavery to pay attention.  Americans are too tied down to notice panic economics.  Americans are too tied to tedious chaos to make a difference.  Besides, taxes are like the color of water.  It just is.

Please join me on this thought revolution.  Every one of can be an accidental capitalist if there are less taxes.  Small business can be the backbone of America like it used to be.

I could go on for hours, but I need some sleep.  Can you share me your thoughts?


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