He taught me

To live with sane limits

Unconditional love

Universal rewards

That sex is fantastic

He taught me that

My friends are his friends

(Even if they haven’t met yet)

He gave food when I was hungry

He offered money when I was poor

He gave me his family

He gave me nephews and nieces

It was as fated as Ragnor Lothbrok and Lagertha

It just will have a better ending

Everyone knows me

Everyone knows him

How did we never meet?

How could we both fall flat on our face

At some point

And now we lift each other up?

How do we both understand addiction?

How could we both be criminals at some point?

And are upstanding citizens?

I could go on forever…..

Our fate was sealed

As soon as we talked about the Vikings!

He taught me

How to raise an army before dawn

And in the dead of winter

We have the tenacity of Mongols!

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