She accidentally taught me

That suicide is the best option,

That toxic relationships are alright,

That a filthy home is acceptable,

That bipolar mania can be productive,

That life isn’t so bad!

Mania and depression

Can be rewarding,

And the best part is

That it rarely disrupts your day.

In 47 years,

I’ve been to the psych ward three times (a good psychiatric facility can be as fun as summer camp – it’s where I learned to write the blues).

You have the unrelenting sadness of racism,

The unrelenting anger of horrible bosses,

The burnout from poverty,

Multiple jobs

And children,

Unnecessary competitions!

I’ve only had 11 bad days

In my life – how about you?








She accidentally taught me

How to garden,

How to throw a theme party,

How to ration food,

How to support the Arts,

How to love unconditionally,

How to cultivate joy,

How to live without limits,

How to raise an army

And a family, at the same time!

How to measure success…

She accidentally taught me

That life is worth living!

She accidentally taught me

What my legacy will be

After the grieving is over!


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