The Absolute Value of Exaggeration

How many of you shared the story, a couple of months ago, that President Trump had banned words? It spread like wildfire on the internet! Nobody! Fact checked. It… it came from a reputable newspaper right? Wrong! What had actually happened was the CDC told it’s research scientists to avoid certain words like fetus, transgender, diversity, etc. They were told to refrain from these words, because those words MIGHT put your research project on the chopping block. I wouldn’t say Trump banned the words, the CDC suggested edits. That’s the absolute value of exaggeration that is going on with our fake news.

Then the arguments started. Obama lied, too, Trump lies more often than Obama. If they both lie, why are we measuring that? If meat in the fridge is spoiled, its spoiled – you don’t argue about which meat is the most spoiled, you don’t argue who was more unfaithful, you don’t argue who hit rock bottom from drugs… It’s all the same. We can measure how often someone lies, but how do you measure the absurdity of the lie? How do you measure the hyperbole of this fake news story? That’s what I mean by the absolute value of exaggeration. The truth is at point A and the lie is at point B. A lie, is a lie, is a lie, is lie! You can measure how often it is repeated even, or which news source lies the most. The scary part is when the lie goes undetected. Make no mistake, our government lies to us, but when it is sandwiched between countless truths, the lie is undetectable.

Fake news has been around for some time now, but it’s different in some ways. Yellow journalism was used a century ago to sway elections, then tabloids came along. The absurdity of the tabloids always made me wonder who bought them. (I remember clearly a cover where Hillary Clinton adopts a UFO baby, and she is on the cover holding the baby Roswell-like baby.  Is this hiding the truth that we actually have found UFO’s – is it totally bat shit crazy? Who the hell knows!) A lie in between truths is imperceptible and truth disguised as a lie is tough to spot as well.

It took me some time to adopt the term “fake news”.  I’m a wordsmith. Can’t we do better than that? Don’t we want a President who is a good orator like Obama, Reagan and JFK? Maybe not. In  my dealings with men, smooth talkers can get away with a lot more lies because of the soft-spoken confidence of Morgan Freeman. Our current President is more like Samuel L. Jackson, but the value in that is what you see is what you get. And, as far as Russian Hacking, (no, not digitally at the polls) this can be done simply  by creating Fake Facebook profiles that share fake news. That is the influence I see! How can we be pissed? (We manipulated Cuba, the Republic of Congo and many more, but that is another story.) The important point to consider is that, if we don’t get a handle on it, Russia could become the new USA. The USA is polarized right now. It’s the perfect time to strike. We need a common enemy again, that’s how you win wars. Total strangers and “frenemies” can unite for a cause. As LBJ said, “better to have enemies inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in” (which only proves that other Presidents have been crass, but I digress).

I HATED trump when he got elected, absolutely could not stand him! Then I started dating a Trump supporter. “Just give him a chance” he said, “like you wanted everyone to give Obama a chance.” So, then I did and I discovered the fake news problem. Then, I discovered that two of his ideas were not as bad as they seemed at first glance:

One is the tax cut policy. I have not read a comprehensive review of it, but I did see Facebook posts that complained about CEO’s getting tax cuts for private jets and teachers could write off school supplies.

Second refers to the fact that the private jet will create jobs. Trickle down theory is in effect. Trickle down may not work as well as you would like, but it does work. Conversely, tax cuts will lead to trickle up theory, that will lead to more purchases. It may not work as well as you’d like, but it is working to its own degree. As far as the teacher, when a school has a budget of 28 million for small suburban public school, the school should be buying the teacher’s colored pencils. We need to eliminate waste there. In March, when I was a teacher, one had to decide between toilet paper and copy paper. Really?  Didn’t we just have a 28 million dollar budget? Where did it go? (I’ll tell but later.)

Now, let’s look at the wall, an idea mocked and ridiculed by the Democrats. I said they are coming through in tunnels, boats, and planes, why a wall? His reply, it is one less border to protect. With a wall, you can focus on the tunnels; we’re already doing better than expected on the boats and planes. Obviously, there is the Great Wall of China, but I still don’t think we need a wall… We need more manpower, we need to figure out either how to make is easier for people to become citizens, or to help the third world countries so they don’t want to come here. Isn’t that why we spread democracy and fought communist aggression, in the first place?


Then, I saw the breaking news that Trump has changed his mind on the immigration problem: he went from a ban, to a path for Dreamers to be able to stay. This was very important to me. I, recently, had a student that was a Dreamer. She was from the Ivory Coast, she came as a child and her parents are long since dead, so she doesn’t know how to get her birth certificate. She’s too busy working and studying to figure out the immigration program. The true problem with immigration is that they drive down wages (but more on that later).

He will totally win me over if he changes his stance on global warming (and I think I know how it can be done). Elon Musk has ideas – they’re not perfect, but it’s a start. Yes, he is a crass speaker, but he was financially rewarded for talking this way when he became so successful; and he wrote the “Art of the Deal”. Every teenage boy in America wanted to be him, that is his base. Remember, too, that he used to be a Democrat, so I believe he will take the best of both parties and make bi-partisan agreements. (I think I know what changed his mind too, but I’m getting sleepy.  So should you!)


So, you say he should be more diplomatic, a better orator… what are you doing on Facebook, whether it is Obama or Trump? Are you being diplomatic, are you being a smooth talker? No, you’re shouting just like him, saying shit hole countries.


Do I like all of his ideas? No! Do we need to drain the swamp? Yes! And that is what we can do, in 2018 mid-term elections. I just really wish he hadn’t been a chronic adulterer! (that is my biggest problem with him right now…. I can’t find a way to reconcile that! Maybe you can help me with this one. Well, I guess other Presidents have done it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I lived it and it was exceptionally painful!)


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