Four More Apps You Should Be Using Now

IMDB <– It is mystifying to me that some people have never heard of this website/ app. It stands for internet movie database and is used by millions. When you see a rating, it is not from some out of touch critic that writes for the New Yorker, the ratings come from people like you. It has the complete filmography and more of any given actor. Not surprisingly, the longest bio I have seen is Betty White’s (it starts in the 1950’s!). It also has a ton of background info and some trivia that may come in handy, one day. For instance, on “HIMYM”, the actor that played Sandy Rivers is Alyson Hannigan’s husband in real life. But whenever you are watching entertainment and you have that nagging feeling you’ve seen them somewhere before, check imdb. It settles arguments quickly. Where do I know here from? Oh, that’s Missy Pyle – she’s in everything, without being a household name.

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Trello <– This is a productivity app and the your to do lists are separated by cards and boards. I find it particularly useful and I use just one board for my life (the lines between work and leisure are too blurry for me to separate them.) Instead of trying to manage 20 post-it notes, or a to do list on a pad you picked up at the dollar store, try Trello. You always have your phone on you anyways, right? As you complete tasks you simply archive those items. If you’re one of those people who needs to keep track of just how much you have done, the archived list will show you; or you can simply delete. For years, I have been stuck between technology and paper; this is an app that has the best of both worlds!


SkyTracker <– No self-respecting astronomer’s daughter would let you get away with not using a star-gazing app! In no time, you will know the stars and planets by sight. Early man used the constellations to track time. The rising of one constellation indicates the ground needs to be tilled for the growing season, the setting of another indicates it is time to harvest. When there is a full moon, the stars will be less apparent in the sky, but you can enjoy the same benefits of the moon as early man. Take a full moon hike! The term lunatic is derived from the moon’s name Luna, the period of heightened activity during the full moon for the men. It is theorized that women had a menstrual cycle that was tied to the moon as well. If the men were gone hunting, the women could be menstruating without inconveniencing the men. Besides, once you know the sky, you can confuse people with the question: “In what constellation is the Aurora Borealis?”


Call recorder <– It is unfortunate that, in this day and age, we feel the need to keep track of our calls, whether you are going through a divorce, arranging visitation rights, to keeping track of customer service promises while making your routine phone calls. But this is the perfect solution. The inbox keeps track of up to the last 300 calls. I, at the end of each day, decide which calls to keep and which ones to discard. This came back to haunt me when my day trading instructions weren’t followed. I’m hoping that, since I am a 25 year customer, they will work with me on the resulting shitshow of what happened. You just never know what calls you wish you had recorded! This makes it a bit easier.



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