Chocolate Wontons

Disjointed is a Netflix original series about running a marijuana dispensary.  Kathy Bates shines as the owner, a character I can really relate to.  When asked if she’s busy, she responds, “I have a marker, a whiteboard, and a planet to save,” as she stands in front of said board with a list of her issues – global warming, immigration, Yeti and SETI. They have even snuck jokes onto the whiteboard.  The little details in the set are impressive – an ATM machine – this is a cash only business, the WIFI username and password – have you ever seen that before?

This is the first time I’m seeing actress Betsy Sodaro as Dabby.  I describe her as a female Jack Black – she and uses physical comedy in much the same way Jack Ritter did in Three’s Company, much to our merriment.  I will enjoy getting to know her and her character.  She tried to extract information from “Jenny” – she lays out “President five-dollar bill.”  I’m laughing because right now I don’t know which president is on the five-dollar bill.  Missy Pyle is Mary Jane – the physical embodiment of the marijuana plant.  I have loved this actress since Galaxy Quest and Dodgeball.  While her femininity is showcased in this show, she is an actress that is not afraid to ditch her beauty for a role.  I really respect her for that – and she is on Mom now, so….

The series starts out with a musical number, which I am not partial to.  Musicals in sitcoms don’t sit well with me.  But they pull it off. There is animation reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s the Wall.  What we’ve got here is a thought revolution, normally seen in music first, like the acid rockers and the grunge revolution, many musicians helped pave the wave for the current administration’s view on weed, which is now a States Rights issue.

The intense anti-marijuana movement of the 1930s intertwined nicely with the intense anti-Chicano movement of the 1930s. Marijuana was associated with Mexican-Americans, and a ban on marijuana was seen as a way of discouraging Mexican-American subcultures from developing. Today, thanks in large part to the very public popularity of marijuana among whites, marijuana is no longer seen an “ethnic drug” — the groundwork was also laid that the drug causes psychotic episodes, addiction and death.  But as very successful people are in favor of weed, the overblown tales of disaster from using weed have diminished.

Like Cheech and Chong, there are times when they are just sitting around telling tales, sometimes tall tales.  You will crack up over Chocolate Wontons and the Whatnot Girl and so much more, like Olivia’s Shitballs.   Piracy hurts the carpenters, set designers, hair and make-up. “Ruth Whitefeather Feldman” would want you to know that.  Multi-cultural cast,  fracking and one-liners.   Think Globally act locally. Too much to discuss.

I am now sucked into a scene where they are discussing, all too seriously, Popeye’s Chicken and biscuits, like they are discussing if a mound of Earth is a hill or a mountain.   It’s more than mildly amusing – it’s hilarious.